Everything you need to know about…kitchen worksurfaces


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Everything you need to know about…kitchen worksurfaces

Bryans011A worksurface needs to be practical for your use of it – not everyone has the same requirements, so you really need to consider what you use your worksurfaces for. Apart from food preparation, you may also want to use it for casual family dining or for entertaining. Different types of worksurfaces suit varying foods and methods of cooking in distinct ways and some materials don’t work as well with heat. As they are very visible, a combination of beauty and practicality works best. Henderson_002_LRWhere should I start?

Think very carefully about how you will use your kitchen. Will you have a kitchen island? Or a long run of cabinetry? Remember you don’t have to have the same worksuface everywhere – the latest Roundhouse island for example, uses different heights and different worksurfaces, to define three zones – for cooking, preparation and eating. The breakfast area is delineated by a solid Wenge wood cantilevered bar to two sides; at the same height is a stainless steel work surface that houses a flush hob and at a lower level is a robust stainless steel food preparation area contained within the higher-level worktops. Wig04(Classic)_1000px Roundhouse is a bespoke kitchen company and so we can offer a huge range of worksurfaces, including among others; composite stone, marble, granite, toughened glass, wood, stainless steel and polished concrete. We can also build practically anything into a worksurface, including among many other things, pop-up sockets, lights, recessed gas hobs etc. FSR12_LRStainless Steel

Many Roundhouse bespoke kitchen clients choose stainless steel and it suits the current trend for ‘industrial chic’. While those who choose it love it, it may not be to everyone’s taste as evidence of use builds up over time and the shiny surface that you start out with becomes patinated with use.


Another consideration is toughened glass, which is a durable material and with added lighting looks very dramatic; the cons are that it shows watermarks and needs wiping often and it can show scratches, although these can be polished out.

Engineered stone

Of course a worksurface must look beautiful as well as being practical and engineered stone gives a kitchen a uniform look. Roundhouse bespoke kitchen designers often use a mix of engineered stone with gorgeous natural stone on an island, for instance. Although there is no one worksurface that ticks everyone’s boxes, engineered stone ticks more than most as it has the advantage of a huge colour range which offers enormous flexibility. 010---DC2861Natural stone

Choosing a beautiful, rare and unusual natural stone such as marble or granite means that once it’s quarried the same piece will never be found again and you will have something not only beautiful but unique. Bishop13_aWood

Natural wood brings warmth to a kitchen and there is so much to choose from; solid Wenge, Black Walnut or Wholestave Oak to name just a few. Roundhouse kitchen designers often use wood as a breakfast bar and it’s harder wearing than you might think, providing you look after it. It’s best not to use it in areas that get too wet and it needs to be oiled to protect it.

FSR14_LR_retouchKeranium Dekton

Dekton is a new super durable surface, which is a blend of the raw materials used to produce the latest glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz worksurfaces.


Roundhouse has a cast in situ, brand new polished concrete finish, which is a longish process as the concrete has to be mixed and poured on site and needs a couple of weeks to set before it is polished.

In summary, it’s important to recognise that all worksurfaces have their pros and cons and you need to work out what is important to you before you choose, however picking the right one can really make a difference to your kitchen.